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Speedy Inspection Services are at the leading edge of inspection services, applying cutting edge equipment and providing a fast and efficient inspection service for dangerous gas’s in cargo containers entering the United Kingdom. Providing the most suitable solutions, offering technical support and all related aspects of health and safety, government legislation.

Competitively priced and without compromising on service, our aim is protecting your goods in transit and covering your Health and Safety requirements quickly and efficiently.

In addition to applying emergency control reactive measures, Speedy Inspection Services specialises in leveraging long term partnerships with our shipping and logistics customers who act as spokesmen. By recommending our services and disseminating information about our expert inspection services they contribute to ensuring a safe and compliance of Health and Safety regulations.

Gas Inspections

Our gas inspection services for containers.

Cargo containers and wooden packing materials are fumigated to control the spread of pests and micro-organisms. Entering freight containers represents a significant hazard to staff responsible for inspection, devanning, stuffing or destuffing because of the large number of airborne chemicals that can be present. Additionally, products shipped in containers may release VOCs from the solvents, coatings and glues used in manufacturing processes, and the concentrations of these vapors may be significant in the confined space of the container. Research has found hazardous levels of gases and vapours in around 20 percent of all containers and this level of contamination is now accepted as commonplace.

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Containers travel for extended periods of time at varying temperatures. So it’s not surprising that unsafe levels of gases should accumulate in the confined space of a container.

Therefore it is necessary to examine containers before entering the containers. This is usually conducted with a wide variety of gas detection techniques and equipment in order to be able to assess substances of greatest concern.

Freight container safety

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